Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Hormones

My Daily Gratitudes for March 4, 2014

I'm grateful that exercise can sometimes change your mood for the better.

I'm grateful for my mom. As always, she supports us in such an amazing way.

I'm grateful that my favorite music is at my fingertips.

I'm grateful that today, I'm not morning the recent loss of a loved one.

Positive Events from the Past 24 Hours

Exercising today really changed my mood today! I came home a bit frustrated and angry for various reasons. I got on our elliptical and pumped away my frustrations. I found myself in the zone during my session and I finished feeling victorious.

And boy, I defiantly  did NOT want to exercise before I got home. But, I'm glad I did!

If you haven't already done so, I invite you to read my main title post in order to better understand the purpose behind this blog. In that post, you'll find links to three TED Talks that could really impact your life in a positive way.