Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Simple Things

Gratitudes for Saturday, January 11, 2014

While I've been negligent in posting, I haven't stopped taking at least a mental note of the things for which I'm grateful. Now, I've come to a place where I feel the need to write them down.

Water, water everywhere . . .

On Friday, a chemical spill made water undrinkable for several counties in West Virginia. I listened intently to the news reports as people described what it's like not being able to use any city water-- no, not even to shower or wash cloths. This isn't just a boil water notice that we're talking about here. Bottled water only for all their water needs; And lines of people were out the door of many stores Friday in a quest for water.

Hearing about the situation in West Virginia made me feel really, really thirsty all of a sudden.

But to quench my thirst, I can easily go to the water dispenser in my refidgerator and get a cup of water.

That leads me to say that I'm so very grateful today for public works and-- in particular-- the supply of water we take for granted. Not everyone has clean water and I've come to realize it's so easy to take water for granted. I'm very, very grateful for the supply that our community gets to enjoy here and now.

Perhaps now is also a good time to consider helping out in some way. I wonder if a donation to an organization like the American Red Cross is in order to help those in need wherever they might be.

Back to Normal

My wife has graduated. She went on a trip to Minnesota and survived the "polar vortex" that came through. The flight delays almost caused her to get stuck in an airport on her way home. But, fortunately everything worked out and she came home safely and only a few hours late (as opposed to days late).

Looks like my former supervisor is returning from his hiatus. I'm really glad about that. Our department has made it along without him, but his talent and leadership was constantly missed while he was gone.

My daughter made straight A's this term. My son-- well, he only got one C . . . everything else was A's and B's. I'm glad for them both. Though, we gotta work on that C just a little bit. But we must also remember to work on strengths as well. I should start evaluating what my kids do best and put more energy in getting them to improve in those areas, too. It's a balance.

Trying New Things

On New Years Eve, my wife and I went to a gala that raised money for an education program in our community. It was our first time doing anything like that together. We danced and had a good time.

I'm terrible at dancing . . . but I'm actually practicing with a dance DVD. So, by the time New Years came, I felt confident enough to get out there on the floor with my wife and have a nice time without being self conscious. I suspect that's 90% of dancing right there. I feel good about having done that with her. We had a nice time. I think dancing together is something we'll do more often.

I've also gotten sucked in by football this season. I never watched football before. For some reason, I've gotten caught up this season. I'm really excited about the playoff games. I'm just excited to see them play-- I'm not even rooting for a particular team; I'm just enjoying the contest!

Saints and Seahawks at 15:30. I'm ready to watch! Then, I plan to catch Colts and Patriots later tonight.


I've also found myself geeking out over some of the science programs that I've got to watch lately. They have really feed my curiosity while also creating a sense of wonder lately. I don't know why, but I'm really excited about the fact that things I've thought about deeply to my self have had TV programs or episodes dedicated to those topics. It's like the Science channel has been reading my thoughts and then produced programs to help address my curiosities. I'm really enjoing that!


I guess I've unloaded enough for right now. While I generally don't care much for New Year's resolutions, I cannot deny that the first of the year does tempt us to try at a new start. I hope to renew my commitment to obtaining and maintaining happiness. I think I'll personally start by going back over the information in the TED talks I saw. Then, I hope to put more effort into turning those suggestions into second nature.

May you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

No-- not "may you have . . ." Instead, plan on it.

Happy New Year!

If you haven't already done so, I invite you to read my main title post in order to better understand the purpose behind this blog. In that post, you'll find links to three TED Talks that could really impact your life in a positive way.