Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happiness Inculcate

I pondered the most basic, most essential thing to life. As one who is not religious any longer, I desired to know the things that I should concentrate on most. I started to hone my thoughts towards what people most often regret before dying. After a few events recent to this post, I have realized that the best I can do is make a great pursuit for happiness and work very hard at not ending up with the most common regrets cited by dying people.

I have come across several videos over the past few weeks that have inspired this blog and this practice of posting "daily gratitudes" and journaling something positive that has happened in my life within the past 24 hours.

My goal is to reach out for happiness and wellbeing by using these techniques as well as sharing them with anyone who should stumble upon my journal.

Here are some TED Talks links that I feel would be invaluable to anyone who wants to make their life just the tiniest bit better:

Don't let that last one fool you. While it may talk about "better work", it's not just for that. He should have titled it "The Happy secret to Better Work AND and Better Life". But, that's just me.

I thoroughly enjoyed all three of the above videos and they have a heavy influence on this blog springing into existence. I encourage everyone who stumbles by this post to watch all these videos! You not only have the chance of improving your life, but you may even add some years to it, too! I'll spend an hour to add 10 years to my life any day of the week!

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