Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bad Day, But . . .

Today, I woke up to the sound of money pouring down the drain. In a house, there is often a distinct sound within the walls when water is running in the bathroom-- say when someone is running bath water, taking a shower, or filling up the washer in order to run a load of cloths.

I woke up to that familiar "water running in the pipes of your walls" sound-- but no one was running anything.

While there is no sign of water damage anywhere, I can tell that somewhere a pipe has burst behind my wall or under our house which has a concert slab foundation. Also, low water pressure impaired my toilets.

My wife and I decided to turn off the water to our home at the meter in our yard.

I called a few plumbers. None of them seemed available.

My son clogged up the toilet. With limited water, I found a way to finally unclog it.

I bought gallons of water. My wife and I contemplated the expensiveness of this repair and how plumbers may have to tear up some of our home to repair the leak.

It's one thing to not have hot water (happened to me last month with my water heater), but it's another issue to have NO running water.

I do turn it on periodically to fill the toilets for a flush. But for the most part, we're keeping it off until a plumber can help us.

Bad day! But . . .

Someone will never have running water at all. Someone is starving. Someone didn't make it home as expected. While my heart goes out to people who are suffering, I also look at my own condition too.

Yes-- bad day, but . . . I'm still grateful.

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